Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 89

By | March 6, 2023

operatimur.comDragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 89,Dragon ball lovers are now waiting with the latest episode of the continuation of the previous eps which makes fans very curious.

But for those of you dragon ball lovers, don’t worry because we are here to provide leaks about the next episode.

The chapter begins with Goku and Vegeta angrily dissatisfied with the way they won in battle. Vegeta says he will continue to practice his technique.

So that he can escape Goku once again. Just then Granola fell to the ground and began to bat. They stand very worried, Vegeta survives whether he often uses some risky techniques.

And that’s where Granolah confirms that his use may have lowered it even more and Goku doesn’t understand what he means and is given by Granolah.

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